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Long before big box stores were created for one-stop shopping, Louis Ruffolo had the idea to sell everything from pictures, small appliances, pots and pans to transistor radios, freezers, washing machines and furniture. After returning from World War II in 1945 Louis Ruffolo purchased the former Long Appliance store, 5908 Sixth Ave. The triangular block inspired the name Triangle Appliance and Radio Mart, the one-stop shop.

The business moved in 1958 to another triangular block at 3813 Roosevelt Road, where it has been ever since. Louis Ruffolo took pride in offering customers the newest inventions.

Over the years, he sold televisions, video cameras, and other small appliances. In the 1980s, the store was filled with two floors of furniture, appliances, flooring and other home furnishing needs. The phase ended the store went back to selling mainly appliances. In 1986, the family once again got back into the decorating business, offering more flooring options than ever. In recent years the flooring business has grown even more, appliances have been redefined and we offer top brands in furniture and window treatments.

“In the era of the big box chain stores that offer under-one-roof shopping, Triangle Flooring, Furniture and Appliance, a family-owned Kenosha fixture since 1945 is like the Phoenix that has risen from the ashes…the store has defied the competition, re-established its niche, expanded its floor space and is under a renewed marketing plan.”
–James Lawson, Kenosha News 2013

Triangle Flooring, Furniture and Appliance Center is still a one-stop shop for your home furnishings needs. In 2013, Paul and Kim Melito bought the family business and became the sole owners. They and their two children, Lindsay and Nick are running the overall operation that sells flooring, furniture, appliances and offers an experienced professional sales and design staff. The store now offers 40,000 square feet of operating space-carpet, flooring and window treatment showroom, an appliance showroom and two floors for furniture. As well as, a full in-house service center. Our staff has expert knowledge of our products, backed with years of experience. We are a family business with family values. When you buy from us you become part of the Triangle family, you become our priority.

Triangle Flooring, Furniture and Appliance Center